Naomi Mayo, PhD, LCSW

counseling for parents & families,
young children to young adults
My Approach

For therapy to be effective, I believe that it's important to have the right treatment at the right time with the right team. This means the therapist's style and modalities must be a good match for the client.

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About Me

I am a clinical social worker and developmental psychologist. I am also a stepmother and freediver. For me, both parenting and freediving can be difficult and even scary. They demand courage and effort but offer great rewards. For many, counseling is similarly challenging and rewarding.


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Clinical supervision
Difficult emotions?  Difficult behavior?  Difficult relationships?
You, your child, your family don't have to do this alone. I help families (children, teens, young adults, parents, couples) improve their ability to learn, play, work, and love.