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My Approach

I have formal training in many types of counseling established as effective through research, but I mostly pay attention to:

  • how your past and your family have shaped you

  • the role that your brain and body have on your mental health

  • what you value, how you see the world, and the actions you take.


I offer in-person and remote telehealth visits.

All appointments are 55 minutes. The initial visit focuses on intake paperwork and assessment. We talk and practice skills during appointments, but the bulk of the work happens outside of appointments.


I meet with people for as many visits as they need to achieve their goals. For some people that will be four visits, for some that could be a year of visits; some people see me weekly, some every few months. Frequency and duration is based on my clinical recommendations and your personal preference.


It’s important to me that you are getting what you want from therapy and feel that our work is effective, so I will frequently check in with you about your experience and progress.

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